Cabotine fabulous lace dress 
with sleeves in
aqua and navy.
Fantastic bluebell blue dress 
with lace jacket.
New in silver lace dress with sleeves
Pink dress with pearls and again sleeves
Cream and taupe dress and jacket
Navy and peach dress and jacket with navy jacket
Blue and white dress with blue jacket   

Every is now here.

All Ispirato, Veromia, Cabotine and Irresistible outfits are now here.

Ispirato, dresses and dress/boleros,
 lapis blue, amaranth pink,
bluebell blue, silver/lilac ,navy and truffle,
magnolia and cream,and the beautiful laurel dress and jacket. 
all with matching hats and hatinators.

Veromia dresses are all now here, some fantastic styles 
brightly coloured just off the shoulder flowered dress
halter neck dress in fabulous navy/ lemon,stunning

Irresistible dresses with 
three quarter length sleeves in
sky blue and rouge are now here
Peacock and dusky pink dresses 
Plus the stunning silver dresses are
now here, thats everything in.

Casual Collections:
Marble dresses tops, skirts and trousers
are all now here
Anna Montana colourful jeans are all now here
The new Badoo collection is now all here
Tinta funky tops and dresses
are now here fabulous blues, bright reds skirts
blouses and floaty jackets
Avona stunning quirky tops and dresses
and the beautiful Allison dresses from Cyprus
are all now here.
Some Barbara Lebek Coats now here
All Barbara Lebek now in
beautiful greens and lemons.
Trousers, tops and teeshirts.  

More Ispirato some in the sale  

Amazing colours, bright, 
pansy colours of yellow,
lilac and silver and yes its the famous flattering style.
Other colours in the "dress" are deep opal, lilac steel
and lots of pinks.

Fabulous bright pink and patterned dress and bolero.
Fantastic electric blue dress and bolero 

Zeila some in the sale
Beautiful Indigo dress and jacket.
fabulous white ,pink and blue dress and blue jacket

Marfil all now in the sale
Fabulous jade dress and coat.
plus a full length silver grey chiffon dress
with a stunning beaded top.